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Amrita Wireless Sensor Networks All Set for World’s Tallest Mountain Range


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are one of the most promising emerging technologies, providing the opportunity for real-time monitoring of geographical regions (remote and hostile) that are prone to disasters. With a focus on landslide detection, the Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA) set up a complete functional WSN system consisting of 50 geological sensors and 20 wireless sensor ... Read More »

Amrita Personal Safety Device

Amrita Mitra personal sefty

This device is especially designed for women, children, and the differently abled to help them connect to and alert the authorities and their loved ones. APSD has the ability to record conversations and can immediately communicate messages to multiple destinations. Read More »

Gesture-Based Wheelchair

Weel chair

This invention allows differently abled people to control and direct their wheelchairs by simple hand gestures. This is especially useful for those who currently use wheelchairs but who do not have enough strength in their upper bodies to move themselves. Read More »

Amrita Pulse

Amrita Spandanam

This low-cost, low-power, wearable device provides real-time monitoring of a patient’s ECG without the need to visit a hospital. It also sends crisis alerts to a patient’s doctor, via mobile, enabling emergency medical service response teams to act quickly. Read More »

My Sangam – Educational Portal

My Sangam

This educational portal provides learning tutorials to rural women through a computerised vocational learning experience. The portal utilizes cutting-edge haptics technology and aims to increase the number of skilled workers among women living in rural communities. Read More »

Super Charger

Super charger

By harnessing the power of solar energy, this portable innovation has the ability to charge any device within a short amount of time. It runs on a low-cost solar panel and does not require any external batteries. Read More »

Heart Tissue Patch

Heart Tissue Patch

This patch assimilates with the normal heart tissue around the scar, eventually healing the dead tissue. Furthermore, the patch placed on the tissue synchronizes with and simulates the patient’s heartbeat. Read More »