Student Programs

Student Programs

The Amrita Center for International Programs (ACIP) is the central point for international academic relations at Amrita University. It focuses on enhancing education and research by bringing together students, teachers, and academicians from around the world to create an opportunity for the rich and diverse exchange of knowledge and ideas. Through MoUs, ACIP has established and continues to establish strong collaborative initiatives with many world-leading institutions in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan, facilitating extensive faculty and student exchanges and cross-continental research projects. So far, Amrita has welcomed over 500 international distinguished guest lecturers and adjunct faculty, including Nobel Laureates Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Dr. Martin Chalfie, and Dr. Leland Hartwell.

Amrita has joint research projects, collaborative programs, and various academic tie-ups with over 80 institutions around the world. ACIP offers several exchange programs, semester study abroad opportunities, and dual degree programs for students with excellent academic credentials. To date, 100+ students have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by ACIP. Furthermore, the Erasmus Mundus program, sponsored by the European Commission, has, till date, taken over 100 faculty and students and placed them in various European institutions in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

Over 1,200 international faculty and students!

“I really found the exchange program a life-changer. I became more sure of myself and the
exposure was incredible. I also made some really good friends and I am still in contact with them.”

- Harikrishnan Nair, UNM Exchange student, MBA, Kochi campus
“I had a wonderful experience with my classmates at Amrita. We used to hang out together
over weekends, take trips to the city, and spend time chatting in the canteen. I was also
invited to their homes and even attended one of their weddings. I found my classmates and
teachers to be very caring and supportive and would definitely recommend others to come
and experience Amrita.”

- Aljoscha Dietrich (Masters in Computer Science), Exchange Student from the University of Paderborn (Germany)